2016 Bugatti Veyron World’s Fastest

Monday, December 10th, 2018 - 2016, Bugatti
2016 Bugatti Veyron 1

2016 Bugatti Veyron World’s Fastest – Review

Have you ever thought about a car that can run fast on the road, but still safe and stable? in the current era is already a lot of manufacturers that create super fast car, but did you know that the fastest car is still held by a 2016 Bugatti Veyron.

2016 Bugatti Veyron 1


Interior and Exterior

Exterior design shown in 2016 Bugatti Veyron is very simple, with a shape that is designed like a capsule, making this car is able to pass through the air with ease. Moreover, elements of the car using the materials aluminum and carbon fiber, so the car’s weight to be lighter but still strong.

The engineers also think about car safety, to the most important components include the wheels are designed to remain strong following the speed of the car is. As well as the rear wing which can control the stability of the car when the raced with the surrounding air pressure.

The interior design which adds extensive capacity, making the driver feel uncomfortable. This car still uses the concept of a two-seat, and the seat or the seat are made of premium leather material Among other very fancy add-ons.

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2016 Bugatti Veyron this time using modern tech machines that are more environmentally friendly, they use a new electric motorcycle engine. This means that the machine they entered into the list of super fast cars that are environmentally friendly such as the Tesla.

They use a machine with a 8.0-liter W16 petrol engine with four turbochargers. With the changes that occur in the electricity, 1,103 kW, 1500-HP produces the highest speed, increased to reach 435 km / h.

2016 Bugatti Veyron 3


Release and Price

The car went on to become a famous car, with its speed. Many people are classy people interested to have this car. Bugatti car even been equated with the famous footballer Cristian Ronaldo (CR7). Actually, 2016 Bugatti Veyron is not yet known when it will be released, the estimated price will be given quite high, about $ 1.5 million or more.

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