2017 Tesla Model X Electric Cars

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2017 Tesla Model X

Review 2017 Tesla Model X Modern Era

Cars with the concept of a fullsize crossover with all-electric was built in 2012 by Tesla. For the first time they launch their Tesla Model X. The company has plans to launch commercially in the next year, but for various reasons, they failed to produce the Tesla Model X mass. In fact they had a commercial release for the next three years, precisely on 29 September 2015.

2017 Tesla Model X interior


Interior and Exterior

The exterior design of the 2017 Tesla Model X looks very futuristic. Aerodynamic coefficient reaches 0,24. This can be seen in the design of the car to be able to pass through a variety of terrain, both the urban and difficult road through such a rocky road.

This car is equipped with advanced features, such as screen monitor for easy reach of the driver in the condition around the car, because they put some cameras on the side of the car body. Saving power is also applied to this car, though the car carrying the power saving, but this car still provide driving comfort at night.

lainnnya unique thing visible from the door which can be opened with a vertical way, they call the system Wings of a Falcon“. This is based on the door of a car designer Tesla who want a car still able to open the door even if the distance to the car in addition so close, even the doors can be opened with a distance of 31 centimeters without scratching the car beside him.

The interior design of 2017 Tesla Model X is also very charming. There is a seven-seat passengers inside, the seats are made of leather with the best quality to make every passenger will feel comfortable and equipped with multidirectional adjustment of electronics. On the roof there is a panoramic glass large enough to see the beauty of the sky, but passengers do not have to worry about the sun’s radiation, because the glass can prevent solar radiation and infrared radiation. And the availability of luggage space that is wide enough for you to put your luggage.

2017 Tesla Model X engine 2



Characteristics used in the 2017 Tesla Model X is taken from its predecessor sedan Tesla Model S. There are several components that are fixed such as anti-lock braking, electronic brake parking system and electronic stability control functions. The car is equipped with a 7speed auto with liquid cooling.

2017 Tesla Model X uses two types of machines are very strong and powerful, each is P90D” and 90D”. 90D first machine capable of delivering 262 horsepower, while the second model engine capable of producing 510 horseporwer P90D. supported by a battery capacity of 90 kWh. This car can run from 0-100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds.

2017 Tesla Model X release


Release and Price

It is estimated 2017 Tesla Model X is offered at a price of $ 132,000 or more, chances are the car will be released in mid 2016.

2017 Tesla Model X release

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