2018 Audi S8 Sedan

2018 Audi S8 Sedan
2018 Audi S8 Sedan, Picture size 1000x833 Posted by carstuneup at April 10, 2017

The 2018 Audi S8 Sedan are interesting to see. The 2018 Audi S8 is practically ready and there have been some news and spy shots about this car. In this circumstance, of course news and rumors will provide pictures of this car, including the specification. So considerably, from the exterior look, this car-auto will have shorter nose. This is an excellent point proposed by the new grille helped bring by this car. 2018 S8 have new grille with wider shape. It includes hexagonal condition with longer part in the upper nook. Then, it is added by the headlight and fog light that make the leading area more attractive than before.

2018 Audi S8 Sedan Interior

It is very hard to find 2018 Audi S8 Sedan about the inside. However, it seems that the home design will not be so different from 2018 Audi A5 and 2015 Audi S5 which may have modern virtual cockpit and better infotainment features. There will become ambient illumination provided by LED lighting to give different touch in the interior design.

2018 Audi S8 Sedan Engine

In that case, about the engine, there are rumors that the engine of 2018 Audi S8 will be the same engine employed by Porsche Panamera. That means that car will have installment payments on your 9.0 litre V-6 engine that produces 440-horsepower. With this engine, it is predicted that the car can accelerate to 62 mph in only 4.4 sec. Nevertheless, this will be a disappointing point since the current Audi S8 have better engine with the 4.0 litre V-8 engine. With this engine, the current Audi S8 can have 512-horsepower. Because of that, you will have prediction that the 2.9 litre V-6 will be for entry level, while the better version will have upgraded of V-8 that can boost 600-horsepower. These 2018 Audi S8 Sedan surely will give good conjecture and naturally, the real requirements will be revealed when the car has recently been released.

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