Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyshot
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyshot, Picture size 1920x1242 Posted by carstuneup at January 20, 2016

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyshot

If the renewal of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta should not occur before next year, 2018, in the worst case, the current generation will soon rely on a restyling to continue to maintain the flame.

Except shift in the schedule Biscione manufacturer, is in the next Geneva Motor Show media and visitors will discover that the Giulietta in its facelift version.

No changes expected with shields editing level, the grill, the optical treatment or even small alterations to say a little more sporty side.

For the rest, more fuel efficient engines, equipment and interior trim also benefit from a spring shower. What still it takes several months before the renewal of the genre (a substantial renovation).

Pending spyshots be found through this link, leaving spyshots enjoy a pre-production model still heavily camouflaged refine the final stages of its renovation.

Source: worldcarfans

Illustration credit: worldcarfans

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyshot Pictures

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyshot