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Saturday, March 30th, 2019 - Brabus
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The Brabus 850 series now offers a wide choice of cars, with the arrival of the searchable version, always on the basis of the 63 AMG. Cap on the 350 km/h.

The range of Brabus responding to the 850 code now includes the CLS CLS Shooting Brake, G-class, S-class, S-class Coupe and therefore also the S-class convertible. With still as a basis the 63 AMG and its 5.5 Biturbo V-8 version.

An engine which the displacement is here brought to 5.9 litres, with new forged pistons, connecting rods and forged crankshaft, new exhaust complete, new intake manifold, Turbo. So with the engine aligned 625 kW/850 horsepower and 1450 Nm. As on other models, the torque is limited to 1150 Nm to protect the box. And protection, this engine is covered by a warranty 3 years/100,000 kilometres.

The Brabus 850 Cabrio claims therefore now as convertible 4 fastest places of the world, with its 350 km/h, its 0-100 km/h only 3.5 second and its 0 to 200 only 9.4 second. A top speed that seems theoretical with 4 occupants and without the hood.

To accompany these performances, Brabus has planned his small kit aerodynamic, mainly composed of carbon, its 21 inch (22 inches available) rims pavements Continental, Yokohama or Pirelli and a suspension lowered by 15 mm.

Source: Brabus

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