Honda BR V 2016 The Family Car

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Honda BR V 2016 wallpaper

Honda BR V 2016 The Family Car

Not only in the department two wheels, it turns out Honda have ‘toy’ in the new segment of four-wheeled vehicles that successfully makes a scene in the world automotive market. There is confusion, there are happy, and some are instantly captivated. For nearly two months, Honda BR V has become one of the subject of automotive enthusiasts in the Southeast Asian market. Although already introduced Honda BR V to the public, but according to the plan of the new Honda V BR will be marketed officially in early 2016. a procession introductions indirectly increase the ‘degree’ Honda BR V 2016.

Honda set Honda BR V 2016 in the low segment car SUV or crossover. Hmmm, that in this segment instead of Honda already has Honda HR V? Take it easy. Honda itself ensure that the BR V is already set up for serving different markets. Moreover, many people who judge that is similar to the BR V Honda Honda Mobilio which has become the new belle of low MPV segment. At first glance, looks BR V is a bit much like Mobilio, only its ground clearance is higher and more biger body. Even so, Honda BR V itself is actually a development of the platform of the All New Honda Jazz. This can be seen from the use of i-VTEC 4-cylinder 1500 cc at the heart of the kitchen spur. Use of the machine base that one gene with the Honda Jazz makes Honda BR V has a distinctive smooth pull Jazz and capable of spewing maximum power car like SUV. If at the Jazz adapt the engine, then in the interior Honda BR V brings a similar concept to the Honda HR V has a spacious cabin with plush interiors.


Honda BR V 2016 wallpaper

Interior and Exterior

The outside view on specification Honda BR V 2016 has the aura of a handsome, distinctive cars kind of big SUVs. Unlike the Honda CR V or HR V character and has the impression macho aggressive, this time Honda BR V comes with a blend of graceful body design and sporty Honda Mobilio Honda Jazz. The result? BR V appeared calm but has a hollow body that exudes stylish aura of perfect elegance. In addition, Honda BR V look more ‘slim’ when compared with the cars of other types of crossover. Headlamp design of the BR V carries a model of long shape with a line to the side with projector headlamp technology. Dimensions lights were not so wide, at first glance reminiscent of the headlamp appearance Honda HR V. While in the front grill, Honda BR V carrying storey frame model with shiny chrome accents equipped Honda emblem brand right in the middle. For the front bumper, BR V looks more stylish because it is set at a distance rather high from the ground, combined with fog lamp sizeable increasingly indicating that Honda BR V has fascia really manly. Towards the design side, a typical aura Honda CR V and HR V starts to look here. BR V comes with an aerodynamic body shape, typical Roundabout Vehicle. Then, this car also offers a dynamic body curvature and sharp on the side. In addition, side view BR V Honda also looks more sporty thanks to the additional black fender accessories made from fiber on the bottom side of the circular from the front to the rear to follow the car body. Switching on the back, stop lamp on the BR V made prominent by a fairly futuristic design combined with a spoiler that helped sweeten the sporty aura. Finally, the specification Honda BR V on the design of the body is closed with the use of the model retractable rearview mirror. Overall, the design of Honda’s new car is completely ‘out of the box’.

By carrying out the crossover SUV segment, of course specification Honda BR-V on the dashboard had to adjust. Honda BR V 2016 itself is a small car with the SUV MPV-style cabin. That is, this car can carry many passengers as well as MPV. In the cabin Honda BR V, can conclude that this car is still able to carry up to 7 passengers. On the dashboard, the BR V offers the interior side which is quite pretty with friendly arrangement of the panel, besides of course, equipped with a complete feature. Honda Dashboard BR V predominantly black with a cabin space that made it interesting is somewhat similar to the Honda Jazz. In the front cabin appears that Honda BR V not show the appearance of the interior is cheap because it is equipped with features Double DIN audio player with 6.1 inch touch screen display which is sufficient to support the needs of entertainment in the cabin. Then, on the part of the instrument panel also looks quite simple, but still luxurious. This is evident from the design of a small steering wheel and speedometer are minimalist, as well as the materials it uses are similar to the Honda Brio. On the seats, instrument panels are technologically One Touch Tumble. Then on the seatbelt Honda BR V are potensioner features. While at the rear of the cabin looks quite broad. Car passenger seat is also equipped with a technologist 50:50 folding third row, it means that the seats can be folded as an additional part of the trunk. For added convenience, the specification Honda BR V pinning feature AC Double Blower to support passenger comfort.

Honda BR V 2016 wallpaper 4


machines that exist on this Honda BR V 2016 specifications. This time, Honda’s i-VTEC engines, that technology regulator valve Honda engine that is widely used in products such as the Honda Jazz and Mobilio. I-VTEC engine technology that existed at BR V Honda has an advantage because although small cylinder, but it can generate power equivalent to a large cylinder engine. Besides i-VTEC engine minimizes fuel consumption as well as convenient to use as a daily vehicle. For BR-V Honda, Honda carries i=VTEC engine capacity of 1.5 liters consists of a 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve inline models. I-VTEC engine in this car is capable of delivering a maximum power of vomit reaches 120 HP at 6600 rpm and maximum torque of 145 Nm at 4,600 rpm. For its variants, specification Honda BRV will be divided into three types, namely S (M/T), E (M/T, CVT) and Prestige (CVT). For the highest variant is Prestige (CVT), which is a variant of Honda will immerse special features, such as features Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist, Nano E-ionizer and Aero Kit.

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Release and Price

Honda BR V 2016 has been released begun last year 2015, this SUV was devoted to the market in parts of Asia. They Honda offers a starting price of $ 20,000 – $ 25,000.

Honda BR V 2016 wallpaper 4

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