Landwind X7 VS Jaguar Land Rover

Landwind X7 VS Jaguar Land Rover
Landwind X7 VS Jaguar Land Rover, Picture size 1191x768 Posted by carstuneup at June 21, 2016

The following details the story of Jaguar Land Rover Attacked Landwind

Earlier this month, Jaguar Land Rover attacked Chinese Landwind for infringement, following the launch of the Landwind X7, clone of the Evoque. But the case seems today more difficult to plead before the Chinese courts.

After having hesitated for nearly a year, while negotiating with Landwind, Jaguar Land Rover has therefore opted for a judicial path. A path still uncertain when it comes to case of copies in China. And the case of the Landwind X7 opposed to Range Rover Evoque proves it again.

The trial is not over, far from it, but it seems now well engaged. Because the State Office for intellectual property comes to cancel deposits in intellectual property of drawings of the two manufacturers. According to the administration, the drawing of the Evoque was shown more than a year before the filing of the patent, which makes this null and void.

This patent was the basis of the argument of counsel for Jaguar Land Rover. They are now forced to defend the confusion of customers. A trickier case because the price difference between the two models. It is indeed unlikely that a customer buys by mistake a Landwind X7 thinking of acquiring a genuine Evoque. And vice versa.

Source: Financial Times

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