New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid

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New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid – Review

Ford recently began testing their new products New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid. Many believe that in this case, the design of many models have accessories, and will become the leader in its class. On the exterior design of many updates that make this car appear more fresh and exciting from the previous view.

Ford Escape was first introduced to the public in 2000, the millennium. When they were created from the manufacturer Ford and Mazda. But this time, the manufacturer New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid created his own, without the intervention of the Mazda.

New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid 5

The company will try to talk to their engineers, which elements should be repaired. Ford hopes to find a better view so as not to be inferior to other models on the market. Last Modified Ford Escape occurred in 2013 ago. That means it’s time to continue to innovate and compete with the always improving good change of design is also the technology used.

Interior and Exterior

The New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV will be functional as well as appearance attracted many people, especially fans of Escape. The main concern is on the horizontal grid with six openings, there will be a thin metal lines that decorate so it looks more elegant.

New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid 6

There will be special attention of illumination LED headlights, a different form from the previous version. Looks more aggressive in the model. With the combination of Gird created Bumper and comfort when driving on uneven terrain.

The material used will be different as well as the New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV’s interior design is spacious, light and agile. The top will be installed roof rails, and on the back there will be two large exhaust pipes. Reportedly they will mendain reset so that the display looks more perfect.


It is estimated that the New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid will use three models of machines with the following capacities:

  • 1.6-liter
  • 2.0-liter and
  • 2.5-liter engine

We do not yet know exactly how much power is generated from each machine. may be greater than 168 to 240 horsepower. And all the machines will use a transmission with 6-speeds. Best speed of the car will reach the 118-mph.

Release and Price

New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid possibility will be introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of 2016. The price offered is estimated to $ 22,960 or more than that. They will also give their version of the S, SE, and Titanium.

New 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Pictures

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