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Sunday, December 16th, 2018 - Toyota

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Review

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in Europe must fight against fierce competition. To further improve their business performance, so go through the checkout restyling. It is enriched with a hybrid version, a first for this model in the catalog, and expects this technology to meet an even wider lens.

Exterior and Interior Design

Toyota has a new design language, as seen in the front of the Aygo, Auris, Avensis and Yaris. Now is the turn of the RAV4, which saw its most discreet lights connected by a black headband with blue logo in the center. With the taillights also redesigned the SUV full signature, front and rear, which therefore makes it more modern LED exhibits. Still it has some distinctive features that differentiate it from other models in the range, with only a few scattered logos on the sides and rear. The two shields also remodeled part of the package of changes. The profile, which does not move an inch! Here for the change of ownership.

Inside, there are some adjustments in terms of choice of materials and finish quality. However, we must be content with simple leather seams to improve a little seal all this sad habitable. But we must recognize the comfort of the upholstery, and space on board involved in the feeling of comfort for each passenger. As for equipment, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid lacks nothing, neither in terms of driving aids (holding queue radar controller, etc) or functions of life on board. The appearance and ergonomics perfectible date touch screen, intuitive pose some small problems.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Engine


At the wheel, we appreciate the sweetness of each output, a feature of the hybrid models of Toyota. Only the engine quickly becomes necessary traction, soon you push a little too hard on the accelerator, or that one is greater than 30 km / h or less, depending on the situation. And when it comes to not break the eggshell under the foot, autonomy in ZE mode does not exceed 2 km. However, the hybrid system actually helps keep content consumption in the city where one can achieve remarkable figures, at around 6 or 7 liters. It was there, in fact, that the power unit stands to help alleviate the 4-cylinder 143 hp. The cumulative power of 197 horsepower, so this SUV in general one of the most powerful on the market, allows the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid tear with surprising strength. All this cavalry surprised by the rapid reach speeds reprehensible vehicles. The time of 8.3 seconds to reach 100 km / h, does not appear usurped.

On the road, consumption stabilizes at 9 liters to bring the 1625 rate stabilized our RAV4 kg. But the roads inside the Valencia showed us a less expensive car interesting. Blame it on the hybrid transmission that accompanies every Japanese brand. It has improved from generation to generation, and yet there is no lack of efficacy. However, revolutions, as soon as one is seeking the power to swallow the kilometers of increased neck, so that life aboard more difficult to bear. Omnipresent noise in acceleration phases is thus a formal complaint which must face. The programming of the box allows a sport and sequentially, however, never really feel the difference. Management RAV4 has nothing insurmountable, though, for convenience, we would have liked a box that sits less widely in their feet.

toyota rav4 hybrid interior

Price or Cost

By marketing the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Toyota redefines the construction of its range. 4X4 version is replaced with the addition of an engine in the rear axle option, and AWD Diesel disappears. Not only the brand is now believed mainly sell two-wheel drive, but also believes that the share of hybrid will be a very large majority in the sales mix. And yet, it will cost at least 33,400 euros to deal with and a lot of options with rearview camera, keyless start or complete LED lights. As for Lexus, one can question the choice of a non-rechargeable solution, but also the relatively high price for the segment.

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