Volvo V40 Cross Country Gebraucht

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 - Volvo

Fight on the road is something that you need to win every day with a cool and stunning car. That is the reason why Volvo produces its renowned and outstanding products to give you the best driving experience that you want. Volvo V40 Cross Country Gebraucht is 1st of the better runners of Volvo that will prepared to accompany you for the competitive & cool car performance on the road. Considered and called as the city styled car, Volvo V40 has been the best car for everyone who is wants to get a stylish and incredibly sleek car to give you an elegant driving a vehicle life.

Volvo V40 Cross Country Engine

Before getting this car, it is a great time to inform you of the engine quality and the speed that you will get. This is the information and facts about Volvo V40 Cross-Country standards. This modern car uses the engine D4162T. This is a 4-cyl tube and turbo charged diesel-powered. The start and stop technology is also been with us about this car. With such a good engine quality, additionally it is supported with the 2-WD (front) power teach. The car with 1560 cc engine displacement appears powerful with the 75-mm engine bore and 88.3 engine strokes. This can run for 3,600-rpm with 270-Nm of torque. That has diesel fuel type.

Volvo V40 Interior Cross Country

Design of the Volvo V40 Cross Country

Exterior aspect gives you an creativeness about this car. This kind of car is 1458-mm in height and 4370 long. Its wheel bottom with the 2646-mm capacity, and this car can give you a best and powerful driving. The width of its incorporation. mirrors is 2041-mm. Then turning circle for 10.9 makes you possible to have a good performance although it is needed to turn the car simply. Volvo V40 Cross-Country leads you to get both stylish and good driving performance every time.

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Volvo V40 Petrol And Review

Volvo V40 Cross Country Gebraucht Pictures

Volvo V40 PetrolVolvo V40 Petrol And ReviewVolvo V40 Interior Cross CountryVolvo V40 Cross CountryVolvo V40 Cross Country Gebraucht
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